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Forest Edge walking to the View Point

vanyaForest edge walking is a program conducted at Vanya Tree House exclusively for our in-house guest. Vanya Tree House is adjacent to Periyar Tiger reserve so we give guest an opportunity to walk through the edge of forest through our property. The pathway is made manually and the edge walk ends at view point which is 3500 feet high from the sea level. The view from this point is mind blowing and the constant wind flow give a heavenly feel. At Vanya Tree House we have two viewpoints which are located at two extreme ends. The program takes about 2 hours and the program ends with the sun set at Vanya.

Meditation in the lap of Mother Nature

vanyaThis is the program organized at Vanya Tree House exclusively only for In-house guest. The main aim of this program is to provide a fresh mind & release the tension. At the view point of forest edge walk the guest will be given instructions for the meditation. Sitting on the rock with closed eyes and the instructions for meditation will be given by the guide. After 15 minutes of meditation when they open their eyes the feeling cannot be explained we assure you will have the relaxed mind for a fresh start.

Bird watching

vanyaWe have conducted Bird watching program as per the interests of the guests .The program includes walking inside the vanya property which have no proper pathway to walk and silence should be maintained.Birdwatching or birding is a form of wildlife observation in which the observation of birds is a recreational activity. It can be done with naked eye and also with the help of binoculars and telescopes by listening to the sound of the birds. Mostcommonly found birds at vanya are Bulbul,hornbill,greathornbill,Asiankoel,Blackdrongo, rufoustreepieswallow,parrot,jacksnipe,wildcock,hen etc…..

Solar Plant Visit

vanyaThis program is conducted to show to our guest how we get electric power inside tree house. In solar plant energy is taken from nature thereby receiving electric power inside the tree house. Nature itself provides the resource for energy. A windmill is also constructed along with solar plant for getting electricity with the help of wind. In Vanya we depend on solar & Windmill is because we don't want harming the eco system. Love nature and do not harm the ecosystem is our policy.

Ranthal Light dinner in the Dark Forest

vanyaThe traditional dinner at Vanya is served in a traditionally made dining area. Dining space is constructed with the resources collected from Vanya premises. The side wall is covered with grass which is now a rare sight. The dining area is lit up by using traditional kerosene ranthal lamps in a romantic ambience.

Camp Fire

vanyaCampfire is provided for the guest during dinner. A campfire is a fire at a campsite that provides light and warmth for the guests;It is a sort of entertainment for the guests which may also protect them from wild animals. Perhaps the most important benefit of a campfire today is the psychological aspect of everyone sitting around it and socializing. A campfire has a mesmerizing, comforting and soothing effect on the guests. It helps in promoting pleasant social interaction. It would be an interesting experience at night in the middle of the jungle.

Night Trekking-The Program to see stars on the Land

vanya Simultaneous view of stars on the Sky & The stars on the land .During the night trekking program after dinner guest is directed by guide providing head torches. After trekking for 5 minutes an amazing view of lights from top view point can be witnessed the stars in the sky & the lit up houses, movement of vehicles & the real beauty is the lit up view of the state of nearby state Tamil Nadu in the Silence.

Sun Rise & Bison Sighting

vanyaThis is also an exclusive program only for Vanya Guest. Arrangement is made to watch the early morning Sun Rise at view point. Adjacent to the view point there is a pond where the Bison comes to take water and bath. The Vanya staff will ensure the visibility of Bison and the safety of the guest. Once everything is clear the guest will be directed to watch the Bison. In this program, an absolute silence should be maintained by the guest and should obey the direction of guide.

Come Back to Your Roots

vanyaThe Vanya experience gives you an opportunity to feel what it’s like to be back in the cradle of Mother Nature. Every single aspect of Vanya will remind you of an era gone by. A time when people and things were much simple, where man’s greed did not dilute his purpose in life.
Your journey begins with a jeep ride from Greenwoods Resort to a ‘MannanKudi’, a traditional mud hut made by the indigenous Mannan tribes of this region.. Everything about this hut will show you how these tribes lived in such harmony with nature. This hut truly signifies what living off of the land means. The very principle that the MannanKudi represents is that the earth has plenty to offer to satisfy man’s needs but not his greed.
From this point on you will begin your one km long trek to the tree house of Vanya.Before you begin your trek to the tree house, you will be handed a basic survival kit. This consists of a pair of leach socks, a compass, a rope and a pair of binoculars.