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Vanya tree house is a journey back to nature which means at vanya you can see the beauty of nature the love, care and what nature is. At Vanya we love & Respect each and every flora and fauna and they do the same to te people who comes in the lap of Vanya.

At Vanya we do not harm eco system we let each and every plants to grow how they like to grow we not restrict them on groom as we need we let them grow how they like to grow.

The plants give us shades and coolness even in hot sunny days they make the Vanya cool and protect as much as they can. At Vanya we only pluck coffee beans what we need and rest of the beans we let it on the plant for the birds & animals in Vanya to feed on it.

Vanya is an example or we can say living truth that if we love nature will protect us . Vanya is a nature lovers destination who ever love to sleep on natures lap it's the place. And we never apply any chemical pesticides or fertilizers at Vanya we never harm the eco system at Vanya we could avoid leeches by using chemical pesticides but we respect the leeches to they are also having rights to live in the eco system.

So we can conclude that at Vanya we all live together helping & respecting & loving each other .Vanya is a pure nature loving and natures home town.

The cardamom coffee pepper everything grows organically with the Mother Nature. The Mother Nature gives all the essential things for them to grow and we get pure organic spices.

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