Vanya – Forever Indebted to Mother Nature

At Vanya, we are not just about "taking you back to nature." We also believe in giving back to Mother Nature for all that she has given us. A strong sense of respect and admiration for all things found in nature helps us at Vanya to achieve our objective of being a socially responsible member of the community.


Some of the ways by which we do our bit in preserving the local eco system are:

Local Sourcing:
Everything at Vanya is what we like to call "home grown". From the tree house to the food that is served to our guests, every single element is sourced from the local community and environment. For instance, the cardamom infused coffee that is served is sourced from the vicinity of Vanya.

Community Development:
At Vanya we believe that all men are equal in their responsibility towards preserving Mother Nature. It is in this sense that we have sought the cooperation of the local community as important stakeholders in the preservation of the eco system of the region. For instance in our effort to help the local farmers, we purchase some of the vegetables and fruits served at Vanya from these local farmers who grow them organically.

Employment Opportunities:
As part of our sustainable and community development objectives we have also sought the expertise and help of the local community by employing the services of the local people. For instance the care taker of Vanya, Mr Unnikrishnan is one who has been with us since the beginning. He is the one who looks after every nook and corner of Vanya with the highest level of attention and care.

Peaceful Coexistence:
We truly believe that in order to truly live a full and beneficial life, we have to ensure that all beings around us are respected and appreciated. In this sense we have allowed the surroundings of Vanya untouched and unspoilt. We understand that the beauty of Vanya is in its 'unspoiled' and 'wild' best. Therefore all the plants and trees that grow are allowed to do so freely. The coffee beans that we use are only to the extent of our need at Vanya. The other members of this precious eco system, we believe are also rightful owners of Vanya's resources.




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