Methiyadi - Footwear That Looks Great and Feels Great!!!

The Methiyadi footwear that is such a rage among youngsters and the elderly today is actually an ancient form of footwear adorned by our sages and holy men. Unlike the rubber and cloth based variants today, the Methiyadi or Khadau chappals as they were referred to in the Vedas, were made of wood. The most commonly used wood in this type of footwear was the wood from the Kanjiram tree. This is because the kanjiram tree is said to have many medicinal benefits. It is especially beneficial for those having problems with arthritis in their legs. IN the ancient days, according to the principals of ayurveda, it is believed that many of the body's health problems were originating from the feet. Also the methiyadis would provide the feet with much needed protection from the harsh terrains that people used to walk on.

The methiyadis consisted of a carved wooden plank with a small wooden stud to help anchor the toes on the sandal. The wooden plank itself had little or no engraving. Fashion or style was not a priority in those days. They were simple and meant for day to day use.

One of the most scientific reasoning provided form the ancient times was that the electric currents flowing from the body were absorbed by the earth due to the pull of gravity. Wood being a good insulator of electricity would help to protect the biological potency of humans. Initially worn by the sages and saints these sandals gained popularity over the leather variants and cloth variants. It was much later that the leather and cloth variants grew more acceptance among people who had outgrown their aversion to leather based footwear which was usually worn by people from the lower castes.

So the Methiyadi or Khadau Chappals, although worn for practical purposes and its medical benefits back then, have now become a fashion statement today.

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