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'Kattankaapi' (Black Coffee) - A Caffeine Boost For You Senses

There are some of us who just cannot function without our daily dose of caffeine. Some of us are die hard 'addicts' of black coffee or as we call it in Kerala, 'kattankaapi'. Whetehr we like it in big cups or small glass tumblers, balck coffee seems to evoke a sense of brotherhood among those who share the so called 'addicition'.

17/11-2017 Admin

Meditation – Inevitable Exercise for our mind and body

Meditation is a mode of relaxation to our mind.It is considered to be the best medicine for strengthening the mind of a person. It reduces stress, worries, fear etc and gives relaxation to the mind.

23/10-2017 Admin

Tapioca – Traditional Kerala Cuisine

Tapioca is one of the special dish of kerala.Tapioca is locally known as kappa and was once a part of our traditional food in kerala. Kappa was cultivated everywhere in kerala. Nowadays our modern lifestyle has diminished tapioca and is not at all found everywhere.

10/10-2017 Admin

The Jackfruit – All You Need to Know

The panasa or jackfruit as it is more popularly known is largely found in tropical regions. Scientificallly known as 'Artocarpusheterophyllus ', it is the national fruit of Bangladesh and is called 'Kathal' in Bengali.

23/09-2017 Admin

Organic Food Purchase From The Mother Nature

At Vanya we purchase cooking materials from the locality of Vanya, the aim behind this is that two things

21/07-2017 Admin

Vanya Tree House – Experience the untouched Nature

Vanya tree house is a journey back to nature which means at vanya you can see the beauty of nature the love, care and what nature is. At Vanya we love & Respect each and every flora and fauna and they do the same to te people who comes in the lap of Vanya.

14/07-2017 Admin

Payarupodi – Nature's Own Beauty Soap

To define Payarupodi as soap or a powder based soap would be an understatement. It is a mixture of green gram powder and sun dried vetiver. Payarupodi has been traditionally used as a skin cleanser and is renowned for its medicinal properties. It helps the skin to retain its natural oils and prevents those nasty black heads from forming. People with oily skin have vouched for the wonderful softening effect that payarupodi has had on their skin.

18/03-2017 Admin

Methiyadi - Footwear That Looks Great and Feels Great!!!

The Methiyadi footwear that is such a rage among youngsters and the elderly today is actually an ancient form of footwear adorned by our sages and holy men. Unlike the rubber and cloth based variants today, the Methiyadi or Khadau chappals as they were referred to in the Vedas, were made of wood. The most commonly used wood in this type of footwear was the wood from the Kanjiram tree. This is because the kanjiram tree is said to have many medicinal benefits.

28/02-2017 Admin

Roasted Pappadams – A Crunchy and Healthy Treat…

We all love the crispy and crunchy taste of the pappadam don't we? Yes, the pappadam, a staple side dish in almost any South Indian meal. Not just a south Indian meal, the pappadam has different avatars across India and its varied cuisines. Almost all these various avatars of the pappadam are available at almost any local store.

07/01-2017 Admin

The Origins of the 'Erumadam' (Tree House)

There was a time when man lived off of the forests for his needs and not his greed. He was content to fill his stomach and get a good night's sleep. Nature rewarded him with all that was necessary to satisfy his needs. As time marched on, he ravaged the earth to quench his greed's thirst. He pillaged and plundered mercilessly. Yet, as with all things in this universe, everything comes around in a full circle. Some at least, have begun to realize that the only way forward is to return to the ways of old.

26/11-2016 Admin


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